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6 Tips for a Better Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis is a well-known technique in market research used to better understand how people make decisions. 

by Naira Musallam, PhD

4 Things that Will Defy Your Perceptions of Gen Z

Like so many generations before them, Gen Z is having a moment in the spotlight. And as they share their voice and preferences with the market, brands across nearly every industry are paying top-dollar just for a chance to win their business.

by Savannah Trotter

Designing Intuitive Surveys with Logic

If you want the highest quality data from your research, you'll need to give respondents a clear path through your survey.

And that requires thoughtful and intelligent  design.

by Savannah Trotter

Everything You Need to Know About Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

For over a decade, the Net Promoter Score has been one of the most widely used metrics in market research. And for good reason, as it allows companies to more tangibly measure their customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

by Savannah Trotter
market research content strategy

How to Deliver More Engaging Content With Insights

Content marketing is nothing new, but as many marketers already know- the rules just keep on changing. 

by Savannah Trotter

Let's Go to the Movies: Exploring the New Media Landscape

While it’s no secret that entertainment has been trending towards streaming for the last decade, the recent COVID-19 pandemic seems to have solidified these changes. 

by Savannah Trotter

Insights: Exploring Cancel Culture & Redemption

Avoiding transgressors is hardwired into the human brain. Since early groups of people began to form communities, turning away from those who caused harm has been used as an effective form of societal punishment. 

by Savannah Trotter

Key Methods for Optimal Market Segments [Webinar On-Demand]

Have you considered that your customers are more diverse than your messaging, branding, or outreach strategies? 

by Savannah Trotter

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