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How to Get Better Brand Insights

Branding is more than just color schemes and logos. 

by Savannah Trotter

A Brief Guide to Logo Testing [with Free Template]

As any branding expert knows- your logo says a lot about you.

by Maddie

How to Create More Effective Brand Awareness Surveys [Free Template]

Have you ever wondered how popular your brand is with consumers?

by Leila

Talk is Chirp: What Twitter Users & Advertisers Really Think of Elon’s Takeover

Brand Twitter. Also known as the wild west of social media. A place where brands are known to get a little (or very) rowdy, firing off Tweets that would make any legal department blush.

by Savannah Trotter

An Intro to Significance Testing for Market Research

If you work in the market research and insights space, you've likely come across the terms "significantly different", "confidence level", or "margin of error"  used to describe and compare data sets. 

by Savannah Trotter

How to Successfully Conduct Market Research as a Startup

Coming up with a new business idea is often the start of a great adventure. But much like any significant journey, a little prep work goes a long way.

by Savannah Trotter

Getting Started with DIY Market Research

As both research departments and budgets shrink, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the same level of insights with far fewer resources. 

by Savannah Trotter

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