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How to Deliver More Engaging Content With Insights

Content marketing is nothing new, but as many marketers already know- the rules just keep on changing. 

by Savannah Trotter

Let's Go to the Movies: Exploring the New Media Landscape

While it’s no secret that entertainment has been trending towards streaming for the last decade, the recent COVID-19 pandemic seems to have solidified these changes. 

by Savannah Trotter

Insights: Exploring Cancel Culture & Redemption

Avoiding transgressors is hardwired into the human brain. Since early groups of people began to form communities, turning away from those who caused harm has been used as an effective form of societal punishment. 

by Savannah Trotter

Key Methods for Optimal Market Segments [Webinar On-Demand]

Have you considered that your customers are more diverse than your messaging, branding, or outreach strategies? 

by Savannah Trotter
Four Graphic Elements: Siggy the animated purple SightX owl surfs a wave. A podium with a trophy. The Olympic rings. A bar graph with Olympic research data displayed.

Insights: 2020 Tokyo Olympics

After a long wait, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have (finally) arrived! 

by Savannah Trotter
SightX and Vox Media logos in bottom left, filled line graph centered behind three characters.

Insights & Innovation: The Importance of Empathy in Reaching Consumers

As we round the corner on the pandemic and take tangible steps towards normalcy, only one thing is certain: empathy will be key.

by Naira Musallam, PhD
Image of the SightX market research glossary, with graphics and scatter plots in the background.

Market Research Glossary

Diving into the world of consumer and market research can be a challenge. To help, we’ve put together a glossary of some of the most common terms you will come across. 

by Savannah Trotter
Image of a sample price research study featuring ice cream flavors and toppings, alongside a graphical output of pricing research data.

Your Guide to Pricing Research

Finding the perfect pricing for your product is no easy feat. 

by Savannah Trotter

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