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Enable teams across your organization, accelerate your research, and learn at the speed of your consumers.

Professional Access

Professional Access

SightX offers organizations and insights teams of all sizes access to advanced, robust, and automated research projects.

  • One platform for any use case
  • End-to-end research process
  • Automated analytics
  • Global panel reach
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Research Services

Let our team of in-house insights experts guide you through every step in the market research process, from survey development and scripting and analysis support and everything in-between.

Accelerate Your Research: Let our experts guide you through your next project to learn how to streamline your process.

Deeper Insights: Automation gives you back time to focus on what is actually important for your business. If you need us, schedule time with our team.

On-demand Support: Online, over the phone, or through our help desk SightX is an extension of your team and resources.

Let us help you optimize and accelerate your research process!

Online Panels

Reach millions of consumers globally across 100+ countries for unmatched reach. We work to actively ensure you only receive high-quality data through multiple layers of testing.

Compliance to industry-leading standards

Cost effective and scalable

Precise audience targeting

Reliable data


What makes SightX different from other research companies?


The SightX platform is the next generation of automated consumer insights tools: a single, unified solution for market research. We defragment your research process, allowing you to build projects, distribute surveys, and analyze the results in one centralized hub, with the flexibility you need to complete any kind of project, no matter how complex it may be.

What kind of users and companies does SightX service?


We support users and companies at any and every level. Whether you're a market research veteran with DIY know-how, or a complete newbie to the consumer insights field, our intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to conduct your research. Early stage start-ups, higher education institutions, and fortune 500 companies alike utilize SightX to transform their market research initiatives.

What kind of services & support does SightX offer?


Our client success team and helpdesk are available around the clock to answer your questions and get you the assistance you need. We also offer a wide range of research services that can be customized to meet your specific needs. We can help you with everything from survey development, design, and scripting to analysis support. Pricing is simply dependent upon your use case.

What are the benefits of agile research?


Consumer behavior is constantly evolving. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is through a deeper understanding of your customers, competitors, and market. Agile research allows you to gain insights on customer behavior and preferences, which, in-turn, allows you to develop better products, deliver more effective messaging, optimize your pricing, and so much more.

Agile research platforms like SightX make it simple to design and execute even the most complex experiments with the simplicity of a user-friendly DIY interface. Automate time-consuming projects, like concept testing, conjoint analysis, or maxdiff to streamline your operations. And take advantage of our in-house team of research experts to ensure your projects go off without a hitch.

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