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SightX is a next generation consumer research platform purpose built for modern research and insights teams.Grow your business with confidence today.

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Understand Your Target Audience

Understand Your Target Audience

SightX makes it easy to gather feedback at every stage of the customer journey. Use survey and experiment data to learn their preferences, what they value when buying, or how they perceive your brand.

Grow Your Market Share

Grow Your Market Share

Identify unmet needs, discover new market trends, and track changing behaviors with a single platform. SightX empowers you to better understand your market and the ways you can attract more consumers.

Scale with Confidence

Scale with Confidence

See your product, brand, and industry from a new point-of-view, your customers. Engage with your target audience to screen product ideas, test ads, track brand awareness, evaluate whitespace, optimize pricing, and much more.

Outpace and Outcompete

Outpace and Outcompete

Move fast so you can stay on top of the latest trends. Our Generative AI research consultant, Ada, can create custom goal-oriented studies instantly, analyze the results, and provide key insights in seconds.

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“Quick and Intuitive Setup; Deep Analytical Tools; Fast Responses”

We wanted to get insights into what was most important for our potential customers and how they felt about current solutions. We quickly got a thousand responses and they have been the foundation of how we have designed our product.

- Samar, P. G2 Review

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Automated Market Research

Free your time for thinking

Let our end-to-end insights platform do the heavy lifting

Keep a pulse on your consumer with real-time insights

Optimize your workflow and collaboration across teams

Own the entire research process in one central hub

Engage consumers globally across any use case

Lead from the front with data-driven decisions

Put insights in the driver's seat of innovation

And a lot more!

Insights and reporting in one flexible, intuitive platform

Filter, compare, and contrast across any variable

Concept, Ad, and Message testing

Weighting and Significance testing

Conjoint and MaxDiff analysis

Text and sentiment analysis

Customer persona creation

And, of course, a lot more!

One market research platform for all of your insights needs.