SightX vs Alchemer

SightX vs Alchemer

Tired of overpaying for research, sub-par support, not having access to the right capabilities when you need them?SightX is an AI-powered, next generation platform purpose built for modern research and insights teams.

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“The SightX platform has been a breath of fresh air”

The platform is incredibly intuitive and allows me to create fairly complex study designs in a fraction of the time I used to spend with our previous provider. Also, the team has been amazing in partnering with me to make sure we get projects into the field in a timely manner, sometimes working after hours or even during the weekend to make sure projects get launched.- Verified User - G2 review

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Why do customers choose SightX over Alchemer?

Meet requirements

9.5 / 10

Product direction

10 / 10

Quality of support

9.9 / 10

Good Partner

9.5 / 10

Ease of use

9.4 / 10

Best-in-Class Service

We see customer support differently. With an Enterprise license, you will get the same top-rated customer support no matter how much (or how little) you spend. It's like flying First Class no matter what ticket you bought. SightX is the last research platform you’ll need!

AI Purpose-Built for Research

Ada is the research industry’s first true Gen A.I. assistant. Share your business objectives or research goals and let Ada suggest relevant tests and seamlessly develop perfectly tailored surveys and experiments within seconds. Even pulling key insights and creating executive summaries is as easy as a prompt.

One Platform, Any Use Case

With SightX you get ungated access to all question types, research methodologies, survey logic, and advanced analysis capabilities so that you can run the studies you need, without limitations.

Choose SightX If You Value...

An AI-Driven Approach

With a single prompt, you can design studies and experiments in-platform, analyze the results, and summarize the key findings.


Our enterprise solutions give you unlimited access to all of our market research tools. Making it easy to grow, change, and scale your research operations.

Ease of Use

SightX's intuitive interface makes it simple to set up and conduct research studies, even for those without a background in market research or statistics.

Saving Time & Costs

Optimize your time and spend with one platform that meets all of your research needs. Stop using multiple tools for different use cases. Keep your data and insights in one place for your entire team.

Ready to meet the next generation of market research technology?