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Survey Tools

Survey Tools

Design online surveys as simple or complex as your use-case requires, with all of the flexibility needed for agile market research. Utilize our expertly crafted templates or create custom projects with our intuitive survey platform.

Full Flexibility

Complex Logic for a Dynamic Survey Flow

Custom Design, Image, and Video Display Options

Seamless Collaboration with Teammates

Multi-Language Translations for Global Insights

Concept Testing

Concept Testing

Gain feedback from your target audience about new products, packaging, or messages, all before you go to market. Use the insights to further develop high-potential concepts, identify new customer segments, and optimize your go-to-market strategy.

Build Customized Concept Tests

Display Any Number of Messages, Videos, or Images

Utilize Monadic A/B Testing or Comparison Tests

Assign Quotas and Randomize Exposure

Brand Tracking

Brand Tracking

Know the ROI of your branding efforts. Get real-time insights on consumer perceptions, competitors, and key brand metrics like:

Net Promoter Score

Brand Usage

Brand Perception

Brand Preference


Pricing Studies

Pricing Studies

Boost your market share and maximize your revenue without compromising consumer demand. Use our pricing research tools to test the price sensitivity of your market, explore new pricing strategies, and investigate the role pricing plays in demand for your unique product.

Key Driver Analysis

Key Driver Analysis

Uncover the “whys” behind your most important KPIs. Use Key Driver Analysis to identify the factors that influence consumer behavior and impact metrics like customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, or purchase intent.

Automated Conjoint Analysis

Automated Conjoint Analysis

Identify how consumers explicitly (and implicitly) make their purchasing decisions. Assess how consumers evaluate your product and the value they place on each attribute to optimize your product features and pricing.

Conjoint Made Simple

Specify the features, pricing, or configuration you’d like to test and let the software generate a balanced conjoint experiment.


Optimize your product features and pricing, from consumer goods, to subscription bundles, or even employee benefits packages.

Real-Time Analytics

Get insights in real-time to make data-driven decisions that impact every level of your organization.

TURF Analysis

TURF Analysis

Maximize the reach of your brand, products, and messaging. TURF Analysis enables you to find an optimal mix of offerings (like products, features, or message points) that appeal to the maximum number of people in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

MaxDiff Analysis

MaxDiff Analysis

Measure the relative importance, or level of preference, for your product features, brands, ad claims, side effects, and more. Discover which attributes and messages resonate best with your target audience.

MaxDiff Made Simple

With SightX’s automated MaxDiff test, all you need to do is specify the product attributes you want to test and let the platform do the rest.

Balanced Experiment Design

Let the platform take your inputs and generate a randomized experiment, which reduces bias and unveils true preferences.

Model Real Consumer Decision-Making

Ask respondents to directly make trade-offs between your attributes to find the relative preference of each.

Automated Customer & Audience Segmentation Tool

Automated Customer & Audience Segmentation Tool

Manually develop buyer personas based on survey results. Or let SightX automate the process using behavioral and psychographic data to uncover segments you may have missed.





Heat Mapping Software

Heat Mapping Software

Collect visualized feedback directly from your target market to perfect your assets. Gather insights on everything from product prototypes and ad designs to shelf-placement and packaging.

Discover how consumers engage with your collateral

Identify your strongest assets

Test prototypes, advertisements, messaging, shelf placement, and more.

Text Analysis & Analytics Software with NLP

Text Analysis & Analytics Software with NLP

Instantly distill product reviews, Net Promoter Score (NPS) comments, and open-ended text responses to discover deep qualitative insights. Analyze results by topic, keyword, or sentiment to uncover trends, customer challenges, and opportunities for growth.

Real-time sentiment and thematic analysis

Analyze sentiment by topic and response

Filter and compare text across variables

Automated Significance Testing

Automated Significance Testing

Understand whether the variations in your data sets are significant, or simply caused by a random sampling error. Use our automated significant testing to dig deeper into your data to uncover meaningful insights.

Online Panels

Online Panels

Get direct access to consumers in over 250 panels, across 100+ countries for unmatched reach. We work to actively ensure you only receive high-quality data through multiple layers of rigorous cleaning, tracking, and vetting measures.

Cost Effective

Precise Audience Targeting

Reliable Data

Easily Scalable

Compliance to Industry-Leading Standards

Research services

Research Services

Need assistance? Let our team of in-house experts guide you through every step of the research process. From survey development to analysis support and everything in-between!

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Accelerate Your Research

Let our experts guide you through your next project to learn how to streamline your process.

Gain Deeper Insights

Schedule a post-project analysis to review your dashboards with a member of our research team.

On-demand Support

Online, over the phone, or through our help desk, SightX is an extension of your team.

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