Modern Research Tools for Marketing Teams

Develop campaigns that deliver ROI. SightX's suite of tools makes it easy for anyone to leverage consumer insights to optimize every aspect of their marketing strategy.

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AI-Driven Approach

With a single prompt, you can design, deploy, analyze, and summarize marketing studies in-platform. No market research experience required. Meet your new competitive advantage.

Flexible & Scalable

Our enterprise solutions give you unlimited access to all of our marketing and advertising research tools and templates. Now it’s easier to optimize every aspect of your campaigns and budget.

Easy to Use

SightX's intuitive interface makes it simple to set up and conduct research studies, even for those without a research background. Understand and optimize your collateral in seconds.

Save Time

Let AI do the heavy lifting. Waste less time creating surveys and experiments, and focus your energy on finding and applying insights. Go-to-market faster with informed decisions.

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Why Insights Matter for Marketing Teams

Improve ROI

Marketing research gives you the opportunity to screen your ad concepts, messaging, and designs with your target market to mitigate your risks pre- and post-launch.

Measure Campaign Uplift

Track brand and product awareness in your target market to better understand how your marketing campaigns affect consumer perceptions and buying behaviors.

Target Your Messaging

Use data-drive insights to tailor your messaging to the market segments with the highest purchase intent and growth opportunity.

Stay One Step Ahead

Keep an eye on shifts in consumer behavior and emerging trends to adapt your strategies long before your competitors even know a change is coming. Research is a competitive advantage!

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Market Research Services

Need some help getting your studies off the ground? Let the SightX research team become an extension of your own!

Our team of in-house experts will guide you through every step in the product market research process, from survey development and scripting to analysis support and everything in between.