A Brief Guide to Logo Testing [with Free Template]

MaddieNov 21 2022

As any branding expert knows- your logo says a lot about you.

But what exactly makes an effective logo? It's actually quite simple: one that consumers can instantly recognize. 

Think of brands like Apple, Nike, Target, or Coca-Cola. I can almost guarantee that with just a mention, you pictured the unique and iconic logos of each. 

The key is developing something memorable that is engaging, simple, and (most importantly) fits your brand persona. 

But it won't just happen by chance. 


Why Logo Testing Matters

Throwing together a logo based on some general design preferences won't get you very far. While it might be a hit internally, there's no guarantee it will intrigue or resonate with your target market.

That's why we logo test.

Logo testing gives you and your team the space to think outside the box and consider your brand's purpose, values, and key differentiators.

And while ideating internally is a crucial part of the process, taking the concepts you create directly to your target market for feedback is what sets decent logos apart from those that stick in the minds of consumers.

By testing your logos you can remove the guesswork in your design process and collect insights on the colors, imagery, typography, shapes, and styles that work best. Not only will logo testing help you choose the best concept to represent your brand, but you can also learn why consumers have the preferences they do- giving you vital insights to further guide your branding efforts.


How to Test Your Logos More Effectively

To get the most actionable data from logo testing, you’ll need to ask respondents the right questions. A few key areas you should focus on are: 


 Respondent's current level of familiarity with your logo

check_purple  The uniqueness, likeability, and brand/product fit of your logo
check_purple  How your logo impacts a respondent's likelihood to purchase

Aside from a concept test, multiple-choice and rating scale questions, we'd also suggest using heatmaps in your experiments.

Heatmaps will give you a clearer idea of how respondents react and engage with your logo on a more granular level. Your output would look something like this: 



If you're ready to transform your logo, use the link below to get our expertly-crafted logo testing template. 


Get the Logo Testing Template



Start Logo Testing with SightX

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If you're ready to take your branding to the next level with logo testing, start your free trial today!




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