The SightX solution helps marketers and consumer insights professionals engage, understand, and influence customers. The advanced and real-time analytics gives you time back, so you can focus on the strategic insights about your business and grow with data-driven decisions.

Collect high quality, relevant data for maximum understanding of what drives consumer behavior.

  • • Engage existing customers with our survey feature via email, text, or social media
  • • Or take advantage of our global on-line consumer panels
  • • We guarantee quality inputs

Define the optimal profile of your target audience using our customer persona feature.

  • • Unsupervised machine learning for automatic and accurate customer segmentations
  • • Higher accuracy in customer modeling and predictions
  • • More effective and personalized marketing

Understand and categorize customer opinions in text with our sentiment analysis capabilities.

  • • Text analytics at scale using the latest advances in natural language processing
  • • Analysis of product reviews, customer feedback forms, or open-ended survey questions
  • • Instantly analyze and compare text across variables of interest

Instant and scalable quantitative analytics to give you time back so you can focus on your business.

  • • Correlations, predictions, and significance testing automated and in real-time
  • • Flexible dashboards and reporting for a deeper understanding of consumer data
  • • Insights generated with the push of a button

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