A Market Research Platform Made for Marketers

Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy with a platform that makes market research easily accessible.

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Improve Your ROI with AI

Harness the power of GPT to understand your audience more deeply than ever before. Helping you deliver more effective campaigns, faster.

Remove the Guesswork

Conduct your own marketing research to learn what your audience really wants, what resonates with them, and how to motivate them to purchase.

Easily Collect Audience Insights

SightX's intuitive interface is designed to enable anyone to conduct their own audience research, no market research experience required.

Allocate Your Resources Strategically

Screen your ad ideas, test copy variations, and learn which channels your ideal customers use most to direct your time, budget, and focus on the highest-impact activities.

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“The SightX platform has been a breath of fresh air”

The platform is incredibly intuitive and allows me to create fairly complex study designs in a fraction of the time I used to spend with our previous provider. Also, the team has been amazing in partnering with me to make sure we get projects into field on a timely manner, sometimes working after hours or even during the weekend to make sure projects get launched.Bill D., verified G2 review

Smarter Marketing Tools for Smarter Marketers

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Surveys + Templates

Build from scratch, use the template library, or work with AI to create surveys, tests, and experiments.


Get access to advanced experiments, from concept testing to pricing studies, and everything in between.

Audience Quotas

Set audience quotas in platform to ensure you only collect data from your target audience.

Automated Analysis + Reporting

Let SightX do the heavy lifting with automated analysis and AI-enabled reporting.

FAQ: Market Research Platforms for Marketers

A market research platform (or software) is an online tool used by businesses to run surveys, conduct studies (like concept tests), gather consumer responses, and analyze the results. Ultimately, the data will yield insights about the the audience surveyed and will inform strategic decision making.

Market research platforms are essential for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of and communication with their target market. Many marketers use online market research platforms like SightX to validate new ad concepts, segment their audience for targeting, or track critical metrics like brand awareness.

We get that research and testing isn't always accessible to marketing professionals. So we decided to change that.

SightX is an AI-powered platform, purpose built for market research. Work with our Generative AI Research Consultant, Ada, to build surveys or complex studies from a simple prompt. Set audience targeting parameters in-app to ensure relevant responses. And use AI to analyze, summarize, and report on your data instantly.