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TCC Global works with retail partners across the globe to create custom-tailored loyalty programs. This requires a constant cycle of campaign pitching, project forecasting, and post-campaign validation. Each step moves quickly and requires extensive insights on their client's current and potential customers. After partnering with SightX, TCC has been able to improve the accuracy of their demand forecasting by 25% . And with an average-time-to-insights between 24 and 48 hours, TCC's team can validate campaign concepts quickly.


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Average Time to Insights


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About TCC Global

With 30 years of experience and over one billion shoppers reached, it should go without saying that TCC Global is one of the leading experts in global retail marketing and loyalty programs.

Through tailor-made loyalty solutions, TCC partners with leading retailers to attract shoppers and drive emotional engagement with a combination of in-store and digital activation. Their integrated marketing campaigns provide real rewards for consumers and drive an average of 3% total sales uplift for their partners.

Delivering these major campaigns requires a forensic understanding of shopper behaviors and needs, coupled with data on the latest market trends.

The Challenge

Often TCC’s work with their retail partners is a multifaceted process involving campaign pitching for new clients, project forecasting for risk minimization, and campaign validation.

Throughout the entire process, the utility of a data-driven approach is never underestimated. Each step requires extensive and unique insights on TCC's client’s current and potential customers. Understanding each segment’s needs, behaviors, and reactions to specific concepts is crucial to a campaign’s success.

To meet their deadlines, TCC’s team needed the ability to build, field, and analyze projects within a matter of days. Making speed, flexibility, and depth of insights keys to success.

“Speed and flexibility are key in our research projects. With SightX, the building, fielding, and analysis can literally all be done in a matter of days and the easy-to-understand charts can be accessed at the touch of a button.”

Joanne, Senior Project Director @ TCC Global


Needs Recap

Detailed intel on customer shopping habits, needs, behaviors, brand sentiments, and concept screening.

Insights on the appeal of different consumer rewards used in their client campaigns for risk mitigation.

Data on the latest market trends and innovations shaping the retail space to stay ahead of the competition.

The SightX Solution

As their projects collect and analyze data in real-time, the team is able to access actionable insights within hours of launching. Using SightX's real-time analysis and reporting tools, they can quickly compare and contrast results to uncover how buyer segments interact with their concepts.

For demand forecasting, TCC uses SightX to minimize their risk. Before ordering products for a rewards program launch, the team fields research to understand the desirability of each item to inform their order volume. Demand forecasting helps TCC make better informed supply decisions for their client’s campaigns. Being able to deliver the right products in the right quantities while saving money gives TCC a big competitive advantage.

At the end of their loyalty campaigns, TCC continues to rely on SightX to measure and track the uplift in their clients' desired brand metrics; such as brand awareness, perception, and (of course) loyalty. These insights help TCC tangibly demonstrate their value and serve as a helpful selling tool for future business development.

“ROI is one thing, but understanding and demonstrating the increase in "brand love" is invaluable for both our team and our clients.”

Joanne, Senior Project Director @ TCC Global


The Impact

Since partnering with SightX, TCC’s team is more confident than ever going into their campaign pitches. They have witnessed firsthand the value that actionable insights add to their work.

More importantly, using a proprietary SightX methodology, TCC was able to improve the accuracy of their supply chain and demand forecasting by over 25%. This has massive implications for TCC and their client’s the top and bottom lines. And by injecting customer feedback directly into their pitches, they have not only streamlined their decision-making process, but similarly strengthened the quality of their work. With an average time-to-insights between 24 and 48 hours, TCC’s team can confidently choose the best campaign concepts and validate assets swiftly.

Not only are the projects completed faster, but they are also more cost-efficient, saving an average of 60% of their overall costs per project. Adding efficiencies at each stage of the research process, all without losing depth of insights and analysis, has proven pivotal to TCC’s continued global success.

“We recently used the SightX platform to measure the performance of a proof-of-concept campaign we ran with a major client. Having shopper sentiment data strengthened the results significantly and we are now in talks to progress a national roll out!

Joanne, Senior Project Director @ TCC Global


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