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Why Use SightX Panels?

Gain direct access to consumers in over 250 panels, across 100+ countries for unmatched scalability. Each respondent profile is equipped with over 200 unique attributes for pre-screening criteria, allowing for precise audience selection and targeting. Why Use SightX Panels? 1
Why Use SightX Panels? 2

We work to actively ensure you only receive high-quality data through multiple layers of rigorous cleaning, tracking, and vetting measures. Automate your insights gathering, faster and at scale.

Access to Your

Panels & Samples

Cost Effective

With automated processes and hundreds of suppliers, SightX users see an average cost reduction of 50%.

Multiple Layers of Protection

Feel the benefits of multiple authentication measures, from both the panel marketplace and SightX platform, to ensure reliable responses and high data quality.

Precise Audience Targeting

Target B2B and B2C respondents for any type of audience you need.

Compliance to Industry Standards

All panels comply with the highest industry standards, including ESOMAR, MRS, CASRO, MRA, ARF, MRIA, AMA, and AMSRO.


Integrations with multiple trusted panel partners provide SightX users with access to millions of consumers in over 250 panels, across 100+ countries.
Access to Your Panels & Samples

Benefits of SightX Panel Access

Truly Global Insights

Gain deep and relevant insights directly from your target audience-whoever they are, and wherever they may be.

Time Savings

Multiple layers of protection work to weed out fraudulent responses and bots, giving you back the time you would have spent on manual data cleaning tasks.
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Reliable Data

Layers of quality assurance ensures the authenticity of your responses.