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Natural Language Processing

Reveal Powerful Consumer Sentiments.
Natural Language Processing

Why Use Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Text responses from your audience can often yield some of the deepest insights. Utilize NLP to instantly distill your product reviews, Net Promoter Score (NPS) comments, and responses to open-ended survey questions to better understand consumers. Why Use Natural Language Processing (NLP)? 1
Why Use Natural Language Processing (NLP)? 2

Analyze your results by topic, keyword, theme, or sentiment to uncover opportunities, trends, and potential problems that frequently arise for your customers, allowing you to build better products, deliver more impactful messaging, and create an effective branding strategy.

Natural Language Processing

with SightX

Automated NLP

Our user-friendly interface paired with machine learning functionalities simplifies and streamlines text analysis.

Visualized Qualitative Data

SightX automatically organizes consumer feedback into word clouds and pie charts to more easily filter, compare, and cluster your text analysis data.

Real-Time Insights

As soon as your respondent data arrives in the platform, text analysis software works to provide actionable intelligence, in real-time.
Natural Language Processing with SightX

What Natural Language Processing Will Do For You?

Better Understand Your Audience

Discover common sentiments, themes, and trends amongst your market segments to better understand how each feels about your brand, product, or messaging.

Improve Customer Experience

Utilize sentiment analysis data to uncover valuable insights to improve your brand’s interactions with consumers.

Develop Engaging Content

Learn the language your customers use when describing your brand or products for more targeted messaging.