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Market Segmentation

Reveal New Market Segments & Buyer Personas.
Market Segmentation

Accurate Market Segmentation

Your customer base may be more diverse than you realize. And if you’re using demographic and geographic data alone for market segmentation, it’s likely they are. Instead, utilize multiple tools and methodologies to create market segments that more accurately represent your audience. Accurate Market Segmentation  1
Accurate Market Segmentation  2

Manually develop predetermined segments, or allow the SightX platform to automate the process using behavioral and psychographic data to reveal more accurate and untapped segments.

Market Segmentation & Personas

with SightX

Unique Research Methodologies

While some may rely on demographic and geographic data alone, SightX utilizes additional data points on beliefs, lifestyle, values, traits, and habits to build robust customer segments.

Frequent Testing

Consumer behavior is constantly evolving, the best way to keep pace is through frequent testing and segmentation.

Market Segmentation Made Simple

Automated analysis allows you to perform advanced market segmentation with just the click of a button.


We believe in letting the data speak for itself, whether it confirms or challenges your thinking.
Market Segmentation & Personas with SightX

What Accurate Consumer
Segmentation Will Do For You

Understand Your Customers

Automated analysis of combined demographic, psychographic and behavioral data can reveal diverse market segments and buyer personas you may have previously missed.

Improve Your Decision-Making

Real-time consumer insights provide you with guidance and direction for more efficient business outcomes.

Enhance Your Messaging

By deeply understanding your brand’s customer segments, you can craft expertly targeted messaging and marketing materials that truly drive results.