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A powerful way to understand how consumers interact with your visuals and designs.

Why Use Heatmaps?

Effective consumer engagement demands a modern and creative approach to market research. Utilize heatmapping to gather insights on everything from your product prototypes and design concepts to shelf placement and packaging.Why Use Heatmaps? 1
Why Use Heatmaps? 2

Better understand your users’ experience to guide your development. Gain visual feedback directly from your audience to learn what they like, what they dislike, what they notice first, what draws their attention or doesn’t, and (most importantly) why.


with SightX

Visual Storytelling

Organize your data about an image into color-coded zones, representing the frequency of activities, interactions, sentiments, and text commentary.

Full-Stack Platform

Design projects, distribute surveys, and analyze results in real-time with a truly end-to-end research software solution.

Automated Analysis

SightX’s automated analysis functionalities are paired with a user-friendly interface for a streamlined approach to heatmapping experiments.
Heatmapping with SightX

Benefits of Using Heatmaps

Discover Your Most Effective Ads

Use direct feedback from consumers to optimize your brand’s messaging and creative style for more engaging marketing and advertising campaigns.

Identify Your Strongest Product Prototypes

Learn which product attributes your potential customers love and what they could do without.

Hone in on Branding

Use heatmaps for design testing to gain insights on your brand’s customer-facing visuals.

Determine Optimal Shelf Placement

Discover the perfect shelf placement and product combinations to ensure your product has a successful retail deployment.