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Concept Testing

Better understand how your concepts will be received by consumers before launch.
Concept Testing

Why Concept Testing?

Gain feedback from your target audience about new products, packaging, or messaging concepts before you go to market, allowing you to launch with confidence. With the insights collected from concept tests, brands can confidently eliminate low-potential concepts, and learn why the idea fell flat. Why Concept Testing?  1
Why Concept Testing?  2

Similarly, brands can use the information from concept testing to further develop their high-potential concepts, identify new consumer segments, and hone-in on a strong go-to-market strategy.

Concept Testing

with SightX

Full Flexibility

Choose your methodology, determine the exposure time, and gather data from consumers utilizing a wide variety of survey question types.

Rigorous Research Methods

Build a custom project to test your concepts with monadic A/B testing or comparison design options, respondent quotas, and exposure randomization.

Concept Testing Simplified

Our user-friendly interface paired with automated analysis functionalities make for a streamlined approach to market research. Test your text, images, audio, and videos. Or mix and match among multimedia assets, depending on your research needs.
Concept Testing with SightX

What Concept Testing Will Do For You

Perfect High-Potential Concepts

Integrate consumer insights and feedback directly into the development cycle to increase the probability of a product’s success.

Eliminate Low-Potential Concepts

Understand why consumers dislike a product, or a product’s features, to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Reveal Promising Consumer Segments

Identify consumers that are most likely to adopt your product.

Improve Marketing & Messaging

Learn what makes your product valuable to consumers to improve your marketing effectiveness.