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Key Methods for Optimal Market Segments & Market Segmentation Techniques [Webinar On-Demand]

Savannah Trotter • 18 Aug 2021

Have you considered that your customers are more diverse than your messaging, branding, or outreach strategies? 

In our post-demographic age consumers continuously construct (and reconstruct) their identities, making delineations based on age, gender, ethnicity, income, or education far less effective than previously thought.

Check out our latest on-demand webinar to learn how to reimagine your customer segments (or uncover new ones) with a fresh approach, sound methodology, and a little help from automation.

During this discussion, we cover: 

Type=Default, Size=sm, Color=SuccessThe pitfalls of segmentation methods that rely too heavily on demographic and geographic data. 
Type=Default, Size=sm, Color=SuccessExpert tips to level up your segmentation techniques. 
Type=Default, Size=sm, Color=SuccessHow behavioral and psychographic data points can play a larger role in your segmentation efforts. 
Type=Default, Size=sm, Color=SuccessAnd how to  incorporate qualitative insights for more robust personas. 



This webinar was originally hosted by Greenbook

If you're interested in learning more about market segmentation, we'd recommend our blog: 

Consumer Segmentation: Maybe You Could Be Doing it Better.

And, if you're ready to reimagine your market segments we are here to help! Just hit the "Request a Demo" button on the right-hand side of the page. 

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Savannah Trotter

Savannah Trotter

Savannah is the Marketing Manager at SightX. She is our in-house expert for all things marketing and advertising.

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