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Are There Different Kinds of Consumer Loyalty?

Are consumers fickle with their loyalty or are you not talking to the ‘right’ loyal customers?

Consumer loyalty is not always easy to capture and maintain. More so in today’s world of the ultra-connected consumer. Who they are and how they engage with the world is shaped by an abundance of and growing number of interactions.

In this particular case study, it became even more apparent that consumers should not be thought of, and marketed to, along simple segments or straightforward claims of something like loyalty.

Doing so leaves large gaps in understanding the whole story.

Our client, a global retailer with a presence in e-commerce as well as bricks & mortar, needed an updated and in-depth view of their consumers. Using SightX, they were able to engage with a nationally representative sample of consumers and instantly analyze all of the data.

Through SightX’s automated analytics they uncovered unique differences within their segment of loyal consumers, gaining critical insights into how to engage these consumers within a multi-cultural context.

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