Get Ready to Meet Ada

Not sure what to ask in your survey? Need some guidance on the right experiment to choose or what analysis ro run?

Not a problem! Ada, your Generative AI research consultant has you covered.

Let Ada suggest relevant tests and seamlessly develop perfectly-tailored surveys and experiments within seconds. Once your data is in, Ada can pull key insights and create executive summaries to streamline your analysis and reporting.


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Market Research Simplified

Share your business objectives with our generative AI consultant and let Ada suggest the best-fitting tests and experiments from a vast array in the SightX platform.

Every use case is unique. Give us a peek into yours and Ada will craft customized surveys and tests tailored to your needs if the right test doesn’t already exist in our template library.

Ready to gather some data? Our AI consultant will give you recommendations on sample sizes to ensure your research is robust and accurate.

Dive deep into your data, without getting lost in the details. Once you’ve gathered responses, ask our AI consultant anything! Whether it’s data filtered by demographics or intricate pivot table insights, our consultant Ada has you covered.

Customer feedback is gold. SightX’s generative AI consultant uses that feedback to craft compelling marketing assets- like engaging blog posts, eye-catching social media ads, and in-depth buyer personas to help you resonate with your audience.

Share the insights that matter most, without the fluff. Your AI consultant Ada can provide high-level summaries that capture the key insights from your study, making it easier for top-tier executives and strategists to use your data to make informed decisions.

Experience rich categorization and sentiment analysis that helps you extract valuable feedback from qualitative data, giving you an unparalleled understanding of your audience’s perspective.