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Bonterra Case Study

Navigating a Brand Expansion

To successfully execute a new product line launch, Bonterra Organic Estate's brand team was tasked with creating new product packaging and messaging. But as a well established name in the wine-industry, expanding their brand needed to be done delicately. Partnering with SightX, Bonterra Organic Estates was able to connect with current and prospective customers to validate their branding ideas and launch with confidence.

Gathered product and messaging feedback from multiple audience segments

Optimize packaging and messaging to fit with the new brand positioning

Harnessed purchase intent and NPS data to select a winning portfolio design

About Bonterra Organic Estates

Bonterra Organic Estates, previously known as Fetzer Vineyards, is a pioneer of regenerative viticulture in California, devoted to sharing quality wines grounded in impactful practices. With a broad portfolio ranging from canned bubbles to single-vineyard offerings, Bonterra has a little something for everyone.

As a certified B Corp, they are consistently challenging the status quo to find ways to become ever more resourceful and innovative, all while continuing to work towards the transformational goals of regenerative business.

The Challenge

Bonttera Organic Estates was ready to expand its portfolio with a new ultra premium tier of wines that would serve as the ultimate expression of regenerative organic winemaking practices.

To successfully execute the launch, Bonterra’s brand team was tasked with creating an entirely new portfolio design strategy for the new tier, including developing product packaging and messaging.

As a well-established name in the wine-industry, and the #1 organic wine brand in America, they quickly realized they would need to strike a delicate balance. While the plan was to expand their brand to reach a new segment of wine drinkers, they knew they would need some consistency to keep their core customer base engaged, a challenge for any company looking at a brand extension or re-brand.

Previously, the brand team used syndicated data to provide insights into their target market and competitors. For this project, it wasn’t quite enough. They needed targeted insights on their packaging and messaging concepts, along with first-party consumer data on competitors, purchase behavior, and more.

“ The SightX platform is incredibly useful; especially when you desire to act with a sense of urgency, but don’t want to sacrifice agility or overall integrity.

Hilary, Brand Director at Bonterra Organic Estates


Needs Recap

Competitive intelligence to better understand and position the new offerings in a crowded marketplace.

Targeted, first-party data on their new portfolio packaging design and messaging concepts.

Insights on wine shopping habits, brand preferences, and price sensitivity from current, lapsed and prospective Bonterra customers.

The SightX Solution

Using SightX’s concept testing tools, Bonterra worked closely with SightX’s research consultants to develop a study that included multiple concept tests. This allowed them to compare their new packaging options while keeping the ability to dig deeper into the perceptions of each one individually.

To better investigate the creative elements of their packaging concepts, the team included heatmaps for comprehensive feedback on every aspect of their designs. And to further dial-in their messaging, they also linked NPS questions to their positioning statements to find out how the new tier would fit into their overall brand positioning. Once the project was finalized, the team used SightX’s proprietary campaign functionality to push their survey to three distinct audiences; current Bonterra customers, lapsed customers, and online respondents who matched their specific audience targeting parameters.

The best part? Each audience and their data was viewable within a single project and set of dashboards. Which meant all results could be viewed alone or in comparison with the others across all analysis features within SightX.

The Impact

The SightX platform gave the Bonterra brand team the insights they needed to launch their new product tier with confidence.

To explore their three target segments, all Bonterra needed to do was filter their data by campaign. This enabled them to quickly examine and compare respondents’ concept preferences, purchase intent scores, and overall sentiments towards the portfolio’s messaging and creative. Using those purchase intent scores and detailed feedback from their heatmaps, they were able to select and perfect a winning packaging concept.

By harnessing their NPS data, the brand team honed in on the ideal messaging to pair with their design.

“We received incredible appeal and purchase intent scores on our label and were even able to make some slight adjustments based on the heatmap feedback. It gave us a lot of confidence when making our final decision.

Hilary, Brand Director at Bonterra Organic Estates


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