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SightX Announces Industry-First Generative AI Market Research Consultant

Tim Lawton • 14 May 2024

On November 23, 2023 SightX announced a major release with their new Generative AI consultant Ada, set to revolutionize the market research industry.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 23, 2024 / -- SightX, an innovative leader in the research technology space, has announced a major release with their new Generative AI consultant Ada, set to revolutionize the market research industry.

Ada is the industry's first AI consultant that harnesses the power of generative AI algorithms to substantially streamline the research and insights process. Not only can Ada suggest what experiments to run, but she will also build the projects and give users the best audience to target. Ada can also analyze research data, deliver key insights, and instantly create executive summaries.

“By blending seasoned research methodologies with GPT algorithms and advanced AI models, Ada transforms the entire market research process", said Naira Musallam, co-founder of SightX. "She introduces a significant time saving by creating your surveys and experiments in seconds rather than days and weeks. And once your data is collected, Ada will have a full analysis and executive summary available to you on demand."

Another key facet of Ada’s analysis functionalities is her ability to apply customer feedback data. Using respondent data, Ada can develop blog posts and content for ad campaigns, including copy, proposed platforms, suggest optimal audience segments and more.

“Ada is a game-changer. Full stop”, said Tim Lawton, co-founder and co-CEO of SightX. “Ada will provide a massive efficiency gain for researchers, unlocking a new realm of possibilities by helping them uncover market trends and create innovative products with unprecedented speed and precision.” Ada is now live on the SightX platform and can be accessed with any account tier. It’s a free add-on feature for only a limited time. As SightX evolves, the vision for Ada is not just about incorporating cutting-edge capabilities but ensuring they serve a purpose tailored to SightX users, their goals, and most importantly the researchers of tomorrow. SightX and Ada are the future of market research.

About SightX
SightX is an AI-powered end-to-end market research platform that empowers teams to learn at the speed of their customers. Now it's possible for any organization to streamline their entire market research process in a single, unified hub. With SightX, organizations can stay ahead of trends and quickly identify changing consumer behaviors in real time. Without sacrificing time, budget, or capabilities marketing, brand, and product leaders can have the confidence to make the right decisions, with the right insights, at the right time. 

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Tim Lawton

Tim Lawton

Tim is the co-founder of SightX and our expert in sales, M&A deals, and financing. Tim graduated from West Point and served as an active duty Army infantry officer. He received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and worked on Wall Street before diving into the world of research tech.

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