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SightX Adds Market Research Industry Leader Kristin Luck to Board of Advisors

Tim Lawton • 16 Apr 2019

SightX, an A.I powered consumer intelligence platform, announced that Kristin Luck, a market research industry leader for over 20 years, has joined the SightX Board of Advisors.

As the SightX team looks towards its next stage of growth, Kristin Luck’s experience growing technology driven firms in the market research vertical is unparalleled.

Luck is a serial entrepreneur and has over 20 years of experience as a marketing measurement and start-up and scaling expert, utilizing non-traditional growth strategies. She is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 sales and branding experts to follow on social media.

“As we continue to address a number of pain points in the market research industry such as speed and the depth and quality of analysis,” said Naira Musallam, Co-Founder of SightX, “Kristin is the perfect addition to our team to help accelerate our growth strategy that not only serves us, but research professionals across industries.”

SightX was founded with the belief that insights teams and researchers should spend their precious time on thinking and strategic tasks that are meaningful to their brands, organizations, and clients.

Users are empowered to make data driven decisions faster and more efficiently by having an end-to-end research platform that makes data collection, analysis, and reporting accessible to all.

“SightX’s innovative platform transforms the way traditional market research is conducted. Their AI-powered platform helps researchers expedite the entire research process, with a focus on increasing the speed to insights. I’m excited to see the adoption of their platform grow.” says Luck.

Kristin Luck is a successful entrepreneur in the market research industry with multiple exits. She was one of the original pioneers of the multi-media online research business when she joined ACNielsen to develop proprietary capabilities for testing multi-media materials securely online.

Kristin co-founded the pioneering online research firm Online Testing Exchange (OTX) in 2000. OTX, now part of Ipsos, was named the fastest growing research firm in the world in 2002 and 2003.

Later, she was CMO and President of Decipher, a marketing research services provider, after it acquired her data visualization start-up, Forefront Consulting Group. She continued to guide Decipher through double digit growth until it was acquired by FocusVision in 2014.

Kristin is also the founder of Women In Research, a non-profit with over 5,000 members globally and sits on the board of ESOMAR, the leading global research association.

She has written and lectured widely on research topics in marketing and advertising. Kristin has received numerous awards for her work in the research industry and her championing of women entrepreneurs.

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Tim Lawton

Tim Lawton

Tim is the co-founder of SightX and our expert in sales, M&A deals, and financing. Tim graduated from West Point and served as an active duty Army infantry officer. He received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and worked on Wall Street before diving into the world of research tech.

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