Reinventing Consumer Insights with A.I. Driven Analytics & Curiosity

Tim LawtonJan 15 2020
Reinventing Consumer Insights with A.I. Driven Analytics & Curiosity

The future of our industry is agile research technology that provides automated insights.

For many years, quantitative research technology solutions have focused on automating the data collection and reporting process. But what about the analytics process, which is often tedious and time consuming?

What if you could design experiments and engage your target audience to understand the ‘why’ behind their behaviors, sentiments, and thoughts instantly?

SightX partnered with Women in Research (WIRe) to discuss how AI-driven analytics can go far beyond automated data collection and visualization, to deliver truly automated insights. We shared technological innovations and best practices that will allow you to move away from endless number crunching and give you back the time needed to focus on actual solutions. You know- what you were actually hired to do!

In this webinar we…

  • Uncover new AI driven analytical techniques available to insights teams.
  • Demonstrate real world examples of businesses uncovering insights, utilizing AI driven analytics, that if taken at first glance would have never resulted in positive outcomes
  • Share case studies showcasing how automated analytics can uncover previously unknown and unseen consumer segments.

Listen to the Webinar here!

If you're interested in learning more, reach our directly to 

And, as always, Be Curious!

Tim Lawton

Tim Lawton

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