Insights & Innovation: Getting Past Polarization with Responsible Journalism

Naira Musallam, PhDFeb 10 2021
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Do our self-identified labels polarize us more than our actual policy opinions? 

As part of our on-going research with Vox Media on public policy perspectives, social media habits, and media consumption- we engaged with 2,500 Americans ahead of inauguration day to seek out answers. We sought out to: 

  • Assess the extent of our polarization on hot-button issues. 
  • Identify areas of consensus. 
  • Chart a new path for media organizations.
  • Articulate the role of the everyday consumer in advocating for healthier discourse. 

Our findings were impactful and showed us that there could be a lot more middle ground than we realize. While 47% of Americans feel upset with the “other side", 77% enjoy content that shows both sides of the story. And one critical component to finding common ground will be vastly improving our media diets. 

We are always glad to work with our valued research partners and friends at Vox Media to share crucial insights with market research professionals and interested individuals alike.

See the full findings here.

Want to learn more about consumers' media habits? See our previous piece with Vox Media, Breaking the Algorithm, to find out how a deeper understanding of our digital diets can help us create a meaningful shift towards healthier algorithms.

Naira Musallam, PhD

Naira Musallam, PhD

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