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10 Concept Testing Survey Questions That Will Get You Deeper Insights

Savannah Trotter • 3 Jul 2024

The ability to launch successful products or services hinges on more than just having a great idea. It requires deeply understanding your target audience's needs, preferences, and perceptions.

Concept testing is an invaluable tool for refining and optimizing concepts before they hit the market. But if you want relevant insights, you'll need to ask the right questions.

Today, we'll explore the different question types you can use in concept testing surveys and provide ten expertly designed-questions to start your survey.


Why Writing Effective Survey Questions Matters

The success of a concept testing survey relies heavily on the quality of the questions posed to respondents. Well-crafted questions elicit accurate and meaningful responses and provide actionable insights that can inform decision-making processes.

Conversely, poorly constructed questions may yield ambiguous or misleading data, leading to flawed conclusions and ineffective strategies. Therefore, writing effective survey questions is paramount to the success of your concept testing efforts.

This is an issue we are very passionate about. If you're curious to dig even deeper into survey design, understand how to write questions and design studies that will produce more accurate and relevant insights, the piece below might be of interest:

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Types of Survey Questions You Can Ask During Concept Testing


Audience Screening Questions

These questions help identify respondents who fit your target demographic and are likely to provide relevant feedback on your concept. Examples include demographic information such as age, gender, income level, educational attainment, occupation, geographic location, etc. 


Concept Appeal Questions

These questions examine respondents' perceptions of your concept's attractiveness, relevance, and uniqueness. You can ask about their initial reactions, level of interest, and perceived value proposition of the concept.


Purchase Intent Questions

Assess respondents' likelihood of purchasing or using your product/service based on the concept presented. Inquire about their purchase intent, willingness to pay, budget allocation, and factors influencing their decision-making process.


Market Questions

Dive deeper into the competitive landscape and market dynamics surrounding your concept. Understand respondents' awareness of competing products/services, their strengths and weaknesses, and their preferences regarding features, pricing, distribution channels, and promotional strategies.


Concept Testing Survey Questions That Lead to Deeper Insights


1) "On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend the concept presented to a friend or colleague? (1 being not likely at all, 10 being extremely likely)."


2) "How likely are you to purchase/use this product/service in the next six months?"

⭐ Bonus: A great open-ended follow-up question would be: "What factors influence your likelihood of using it?"


3) "Which brands or products, if any, come to mind when you think about [concept category]? Please list all that apply."

🔴 Note: This is a great question to ask before your concept is shown (especially if that concept is branded). This ensures the data from this question is reliable and that respondents don't name your brand after seeing it.


4) "What specific features or benefits do you find most appealing about our concept compared to competitor offerings?"


5) "What aspects of the concept do you find most appealing, and why?"


6) "How much would you be willing to pay for this product/service, considering its features and benefits?"


7) "Which three features of this concept are most important to you? Why do you prioritize these features over others?"


8) "What improvements or enhancements would you suggest to make the concept more appealing to you?"


9) "What problem or need does this concept address for you? How effectively does it fulfill that need?


10) "How does this concept stand out from similar products or ideas you have encountered? What specific features or aspects make it unique?"



How to Use These Survey Questions in Your Concept Tests

Using concept testing tools like SightX, you can add these questions (and any others you might have) to a concept test in minutes and send it off to an audience you select. 


A GIF showing a concept testing survey in the SightX platform. The GIF scrolls through the survey questions in the test.

By infusing the power of generative AI with advanced concept testing survey tools, SightX makes collecting insights a breeze.

green checkmark bullet point. Create fully customized concept tests with a prompt.

green checkmark bullet point. Collect data from your target audience.

green checkmark bullet point. Receive fully analyzed and summarized results in seconds, revealing key insights and personalized recommendations.

Let us show you how simple it can be to collect powerful insights with concept testing.


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Savannah Trotter

Savannah Trotter

Savannah is the Marketing Manager at SightX. She is our in-house expert for all things marketing and advertising.

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