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Exploring the Hottest Travel Trends for Summer 2024

Savannah Trotter • 24 Jun 2024

Summer is here, and it's time to make the most of the long sunny days and warm nights. 

We surveyed a diverse group of individuals to learn more about their plans for the summer season. Let's dive into the data:


The Sample 

Our respondent sample was modeled after US Gen Pop statistics. Here's a quick overview: 


The survey had an almost equal split between male (49%) and female (50%)  respondents.


Group 212



The respondents' ages ranged from 18 to 65, with an average age of 46.31.

The majority of participants identified as Gen X (33%), followed by Millennials (32%), Boomers (20%), and Gen Z (14%)


What's Trending in Travel This Summer? 


Domestic Destinations, Road Trips, and Outdoor Adventures will Dominate Summer 2024

According to our study, domestic travel will be hot this summer. Nearly 70% of people are planning a trip to a domestic destination. 



Group 213



This data backs up the prediction by travel industry experts that backyard exploration would be an enduring trend in 2024. To quote Lily Girma, Travel Journalist, in her statement for RoadBook's report The biggest travel trends for 2024, as predicted by industry insiders :


"Few of us could have predicted a war in the Middle East less than two years after the restart of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Coupled with the soaring cost of travel and inflation, it's likely more travellers will choose to prioritise trips that are closer to home. That doesn't mean they're sacrificing long-haul trips altogether or spending less, but their eye will remain largely on regional destinations…." 


According to our study, road trips are another popular choice, with 55% of people planning to hit the open road this summer. This aligns with both domestic travel trends and the steady uptick in national park visitation, according to Mike Weiss, co-founder and co-CEO of Trail Born. In Roadbook's report The Biggest Travel Trends for 2024, as Predicted by Industry Insiders, Weiss explains; 

"With a significant increase in domestic leisure travel and national park visitation, I'm confident we'll continue to see a rise in road trips and outdoor adventure travel in 2024."


The Family Vacation is Still a Classic

Do you know what else pairs well with road trips and domestic destinations? A good old family vacation!

66% of respondents in our study were planning a family vacation this year. It was far and away, the most popular type of trip people were planning across all age groups. 


Group 214


For reference, couple's vacations came in second with only 25%. 

This is corroborated by's data, reporting that "searches for accommodations by families for the summer travel season are already seeing an 8 percent increase as compared to last year.."


Multi-Generational Travel 

Unsurprisingly, family vacations are particularly popular with Gen X (70%- have a family vacation planned) and Millennials (67%)- who make up the majority of the "parent" demographic. And, of course, Baby Boomer grandparents (75%)

But what is surprising is that family vacations are nearly just as popular with Gen Z (57%- are planning to go on a family trip). 

This trend of the "multi-generational family vacation" was predicted in January 2024 by Amanda Kellner Klein in the piece 3 Family Travel Trends to Look Out For in 2024. In it, Klein notes:


"The best thing to bring when traveling with kids? The grandparents. 

Beyond providing help with childcare (a boon when traveling with young children), more parents will opt to bring the grandparents along on vacation to create long-lasting bonds that transcend generations. " 


It seems that Gen Z aunts, uncles, and cousins may also be popular tag-along for family trips. 

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