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The 21st Century’s Most Precious Commodity

We’re talking about time of course.

“When the dust settles, time – whatever it may be – could turn out to be even stranger and more illusory than even Einstein could imagine.” – Carlo Rovelli

An attribute shared by many of the most successful business people is their ability to make the most efficient use of their time, not necessarily conforming to a strict ‘9 to 5’.

In a role reversal, a recent survey was taken by data scientists, revealing that they spend most of their time massaging rather than mining or modeling data. This, of course, raised a few eyebrows, because not long ago, a data scientist was claimed to be the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’. True story.

As data scientists’ value to organizations continues to grow, it’s critical that their abilities be tapped into to their fullest extent. 

Data scientist, analytics, big data, statistics, sexy, algorithmsNo eyebrows were raised at SightX though. We’ve known this for quite some time. It’s also part of the reason why SightX was founded in the first place. Time is valuable. Time spent cleaning, re-coding, and re-formatting data is time not well spent. What is a better use of that time is focusing on the insights within the data that are important to your organization…exactly what SightX helps you do!

Read more about this eyebrow raising study here.

We wanted to share, because well, it supports everything we’re doing at SightX!

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