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Data Governance Policy for SightX

Version 1.0


SightX (“the Company”) is dedicated to responsible data governance in all facets of our operations. This policy embodies our commitment to fairness, interpretability, privacy, safety, and security in data management.


This policy is applicable to all SightX employees, contractors, and third parties that access, interact with, or are influenced by our custom chatbot, customer data, and any associated systems.

1. Fairness

Bias Monitoring: We will implement tools and practices to continuously monitor and check for biases in our chatbot’s responses and functionalities.

Inclusive Training: Data used to train our chatbot will be sourced from diverse sets to ensure wide-ranging representation and inclusivity.

Feedback Loop: Users and stakeholders will have channels to provide feedback on any observed biases, and necessary corrections will be implemented promptly.

2. Interpretability

Transparent Mechanisms: Users will be granted insights into how our chatbot arrives at specific outputs, promoting transparency and trust.

Continuous Learning: The chatbot’s algorithms will be designed for iterative learning, allowing for enhancements in interpretability over time.

Feedback for Improvements: Users can query the chatbot’s decisions, and the feedback will be utilized for refining its interpretability.

3. Privacy

Data Collection Limitation: SightX will restrict its data collection to only that which is strictly necessary for achieving our business objectives and ensuring the chatbot’s functionality.

User Anonymization: Data will be anonymized to protect individual privacy, ensuring no direct identifiers are accessible.

Informed Consent: Data will only be collected after obtaining explicit and informed consent from the involved parties, and they retain the right to revoke this consent at any given time.

4. Safety and Security

Proactive Protection: Advanced security measures, encompassing encryption techniques, will be employed to shield data against unauthorized access, breaches, or potential theft.

Access Protocols: Strict access controls will be established, permitting only authorized personnel to access critical data. This access will be subject to periodic reviews.

Security Health Checks: Regular security audits will be undertaken to proactively identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Prompt Incident Management: In case of a security compromise, a structured incident response plan will ensure quick action, minimizing potential harm and duly informing all impacted parties.

Review & Modifications

This policy is dynamic and will undergo regular reviews to ensure it remains updated with technological advances and emergent best practices.

At SightX, we consider data to be an invaluable asset. This governance policy reflects our profound commitment to responsibly managing this asset, always prioritizing our users’ interests.